CPF Our Business : Gratings

CPF load-bearing gratings, made from glass-fibre reinforced resin contribute significantly to improving safety conditions and to providing efficient solutions to corrosion problems.

Solutions to corrosion problems

The resins used in manufacturing CPF gratings are specifically selected to cope with all the different types of corrosion that are encountered every day in any industrial sector.
Our technological know-how enables us to impregnate the glass fibre frames just as well as possible and in this way provide the best possible inertia to chemicals.
Our gratings can be delivered with an extra double anti-corrosion coating.

Three standard resins to cope with corrosion

Gratings in green isophthalic resin (standard colouring) They withstand a wide range of commonly used chemicals
Gratings in bisphenol or vinylester resin They withstand the most difficult chemical aggressions (heavy concentrations)
Gratings in fire-retardant resins with different fire-resistance levels up to class M1/F0. Dark grey. These resins are an excellent compromise between resistance to chemicals and high resistance to fire.

Our gratings are also available with M1-FO fire resistance in compliance with LNE n° E021610 essay

Unfailing mechanical resistance

The continuous intertwined filament glass fibre wefts are put into position under tension and then perfectly impregnated during the injection process to give our gratings excellent resistance to both mechanical and chemical aggression.

Load-bearing and anticorrosion gratings manufactured by CPF (Caillebotis Polyester Français)

CPF gratings moulded in standard panels of different sizes offer the following qualities:
• Exceptional resistance to chemical aggression,
• Excellent mechanical resistance,
• No maintenance requirements,
• Lightweight and easy to install,
• Excellent electrical, thermal and phonic insulation (conductive on request),
• Self-extinguishing (on request)...

For certain references:

• Mesh in conformity with the standard "bille de 20 mm"" preventing small objects from falling through,
• Comfort in use due to the important contact surface (up to 50% of the surface area is solid),
• Increased rigidity due to the grating's symmetrical structure which makes any left-over re-usable,
• Reduced 'comb' effect after cutting operations,
• Height 30 mm for easy progressive replacement of existing steel gratings.